Linen Socks - 100% Linen

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**NEW SOCKS ARE FINALLY HERE! - 100% Linen Socks - Made in the USA


Linen Socks – 100% linen knit – Made in USA

Linen socks are wonderfully comfortable, soft and moisture absorbent. Linen is commonly known to wick moisture away from the body and these socks are no exception. Linen socks are a perfect opportunity to get one of our most sensitive but often neglected extremities (our feet!) surrounded with the healing properties of 100% linen. The feet are a critical absorption point used in holistic and herbal medicine; as a matter of fact many essential oils are applied neat to the bottom of the feet for the quickest absorption into the blood stream. Most of us have heard people say things like “my feet were cold and I froze all day” or “my feet were warm so I stayed nice and toasty” that is because “we are what our feet are”.  Make sure to read our testimonials - Try a pair today and let us know what you think!

Our new 100% Linen socks come in 4 sizes (Small, Medium, Large & X Large) and 2 lengths (sporty/ankle & mid calf) The weight is similar to our heavy weight socks in the past – they are a thick weave.   These socks are generally for holistic purposes; they lack some of the elasticity you find in other fibers. Linen yarn is less flexible than most sock yarn, therefore 100% linen socks often contain slubs and irregularities. Please be patient as we build our stock, it may take us some time to have all sizes available.

Material:  100% Linen – Made in the USA

Care:  Gentle wash, tumble or flat dry. Do not use chlorine bleach. Natural cleaners are recommended.

Sizes:    Small    (Women’s 6 ½ - 8)

             Medium (Women’s 8 ½ - 10,  Men’s 7-9)

             Large (Woman’s 10 ½ -12,  Men’s 9 ½-11)

             X-Large  (Men’s 12-13)


“These new socks are even better that the last ones you had. You can feel an increase of energy as soon as you put them on. It is amazing but
you have to try them to fully believe the difference. “  Mrs.  A – Nor Cal

**see more personal stories on on Testimonials page

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